Indispensable guide how to bet on American football

The key to success in sport foreseeing is analytics and a general understanding of gambling processes. Undoubtedly, the American game has its pros: wide possibilities to search and analyze data that is publicly available, high variability of bids, a large amount of promotions and bonuses for American game events.

What coefficients exist and way to estimate chances

Decimal coefficient
The decimal coefficient is widespread in Ukraine. The decimal one multiplied by the bid amount is equal to the amount of the potential payout.

Fractional coefficient
The fractional or British ratio is the ratio of the number of potential net profit to the number that must be set to make such a profit.

American coefficients
There are two types of these odds: positive and negative. A positive ratio is the sum of potential net income at a rate of 100 notional units. The American ratio with a negative value indicates the amount that must be bet to obtain 100 conventional units of net profit.

Best sites for American football bets

When choosing a site for American sport gambling, you need to pay attention to several key points:

  • reliability – choose legal and popular online platforms for betting, it will allow you to save not only nerves, but also money;
  • proposed coefficients and rate options;
  • convenience of money transactions and clear conditions of deposit and withdrawal of funds;
  • technical support and quality service;
  • greeting promotions, bonuses and promotions.

Benefits of football forecasts

Football betting has its advantages on most gambling sites. First, American football wages have high limits. Due to the fact that football is the most popular sport, top bookmakers usually allow you to bet much more on football than on the results of competitions in other sports. Secondly, in conditions of high competition, bookmakers are forced to overestimate the odds on football. Third, American football lines have a wide variability, usually greater than all other sports presented on the site and taken together. Fourth is the large number of online broadcasts. Football is also the most broadcast sport. You will always be able to watch your bid play online. Moreover, this gives you additional benefits, because you can quickly respond to wages on all events that occur on your screen.

Follow key features and bet profitably

To be a successful gambler, make only weighted predictions for the sport, count not only the winnings but also the losses to understand the overall picture of the effectiveness of your game, set a personal limit and keep your own records of wages. Betting will definitely allow you to understand what football bets are more profitable and what are erroneous, in which leagues you earn and in what – your profits decrease. And good luck in betting.