The best betting offers for American football

It is not a surprising fact of American sport gambling, because in the era of the Internet, borders are crumbling, and people, if they want, can join this contact and incredibly tactical sport, including through betting at online bookmakers. How to correctly bet on this sport and predict the results of the football competition? Let’s talk about the basics.

Types of bets on American football game

Bets on results

This includes all the results of the main time of the American match: the victory of each team and a draw. The highest coefficients and the lowest margin are most often offered for the main results.
It is on them that the largest number of bets is made. And if the stakes on the winner of the match are more or less clear, then a draw may require an explanation. Yes, the strategy of betting on a draw in American football is significantly different from other sports. If, for example, in hockey or basketball, no one’s results are quite rare, then in American football things are different with them, so this result attracts more attention from players or bookmakers.
You can also bet that there will be no draw in the American football match, and any of the teams will win. That is, it is a bet that there will be no draw in the match.
There is another type of bid on the outcome of an American football match: it is not very common in bookmakers, but can be found.

Handicap bid

Under the odds understand the necessary advantage or allowable lag of one of the football
teams in the final score of the match. That is, a certain difference in goals scored, from which the match will end. The odds can be positive (for example, +1.5) and negative (-1.5). In the first case, it is necessary that the team on whose handicap you put, did not lose more than one and a half balls (ie, even its defeat in 1 ball will suit you). In the second case, the team must win at least 2 goals. In fact, by gambling on the odds, you add (or take away) to the initial score of the match (0-0) the value of the odds, and to win the bid it is necessary that the final score, taking into account the odds, does not run into the red.

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Like the other positive advantage, it also implies the allowable lag of the team in the score. The difference from the odds of +1.5 here is that such a rate can be calculated by a return. Suppose the match ended 0-1, and you bet +1 on the loser, that is, after adding we get a score of 1-1. So, in this case there is a return of the delivered money.


What is the total in American football betting? This is the total number of goals scored in the match in American football. The bookmaker indicates the value of the total, and you can bet on a larger or smaller number in relation to this value. For example, putting a total of less than 3.5, you must worry that the joint efforts of the team did not score more than 3 goals.

Exact score

As it is not difficult to guess from the name, gambling on the exact score, you try to guess the result of the match with accuracy to the goal. This is very difficult to do, so the odds on the exact score are very high.
Depending on the bookmaker, the size of the rest of the line can include two or three positions, as well as several hundred original offers. You may be asked to guess the results of the halves, whether only one team will score in the match or both will score, the number of yellow and red cards, substitutions, fouls and offsides, who will be the first to break the ball from the center and throw out, the author of the first goal and many, many other interesting positions.

How to win the bid: the basics of forecasting

Before starting placing bids on American football game, a few precautions and factors to pay attention exist. Here are several tips to help a player place a lot of profitable bids. We do not state that these tips are a totally winning football strategy for gambling on American football, but having regard to all these tips is necessary in order to at least avoid stupid losses.
Think with your head. Do not rely primarily on the line in your analysis, but before considering the odds, evaluate personally what is the possibility of every team to score a certain number of points in a match or play a head start.
All factors must be taken into account together – weather, injury, home court advantage, team form, and so on. After creating your own mind, you can already draw parallels among the quotes offered by the bookmaker on American football.

Do not hesitate and play

American football is an exciting and stylish sport. Bets on the most popular US tournament will help you to feel his spirit and uncompromising attitude. The season of American football tournaments doesn’t last very long, so usually serious bettors understand several tournaments at once and are not very poor.
In conclusion, let us remind you that the win-win strategy of gambling on American sports (as well as on any other sport) is more of a myth. In search of it, you can waste time and money, so it is better to develop the skill of your football match gradually, step by step, and treat bets as entertainment, sometimes bringing pleasant bonuses in the form of winnings.